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Before and after school care

Sustainable OSHC runs an outstanding and innovative Before and After School Care program which is available right here at Belrose PS every day, for all families with primary-aged children to support our busy parents who are juggling work and other commitments. 

Drop in with your child to have a tour with our centre coordinator and educator team and find out what Belrose Sustainable OSHC can offer your family!

About Sustainable OSHC

Sustainable OSHC was established in 2016 by Jane Ellis with the specific goal of raising the bar on quality OSHC education & care, delivering a sustainable business model that removed the burden of risk and responsibility from the school community while engaging in meaningful collaboration with them, and ultimately providing an alternative to the large corporate providers servicing the sector. Placing the best interests of the children at the heart of the organisation, we are committed to supporting the well-being & development of our children, our families & our team.  

Fun activities and programs that every child loves!

Children are offered a wide variety of fun & educational indoor and outdoor activities and free play opportunities which is organised in a way that maximises their potential through differentiated groups (Juniors K-1, Middles Yrs 2-3 & Seniors Yrs 4, 5 & 6).

Each week, our Educators plan these Educational Programs tailored to the ages and interests of the children in their care. These programs also include the opportunity for children to rest, complete their homework or participate in unstructured free play within the OSHC environment. 


Did someone say ‘Snacks’?

The Belrose Sustainable OSHC Centre has its own on-site Chef who prepares delicious home-made afternoon teas as well as a choice of mixed sandwiches and fresh fruit & vegetables on arrival to After School Care. Breakfast is served until 8.00am at Before School Care.

Our chefs create a rotating, seasonal weekly menu that considers the nutritional, cultural and health requirements of every child. Please ensure the Centre is aware of any dietary requirements of your child. 

Structured baking & cooking activities are programmed throughout the Term for the children to take increasing responsibility for their healthy eating habits as well as learning new life skills. 


Have a look at our latest Summer 2023/24 Vacation Care program.

Opening hours:

Available here at Belrose PS every day, including pupil free days and during holidays

  • Morning: 7am to 9am 
  • Afternoon: 3pm to 630pm 
  • Vacation care: 7am to 6pm

Reach us via: 

Program Costs:

Before School Care:
Permanent: $17.00
Casual: $19.00

After School Care:
Permanent: $25.50
Casual: $27.50

Vacation Care:
$65.00 + cost of programmed activities

Ready to sign up?

Registering is easy . To sign your child up, please use the online platform at